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Master Academy
741 Riverway Drive,
Thuringowa Central
Text: 0481749607   Ph: 47739794
E: info@choikwang-do.com.au

Our MASTER academy


Choi Kwang-Do was established in Townsville in 1993 by Senior Master Bruce Cairney who had returned to Australia after from the UK where he was the Chief Instructor and Academy owner of CKD Croydon in London and a member of the UK board of Examiners in the late 80's early 90's

Initially classes were taught at multiple locations like schools, gyms and community halls throughout Townsville in Hyde Park, Currajong, Kirwan, & Alligator Creek but this was too restrictive and being unable to run comprehensive martial arts programs from these locations (and with some encouragement from Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi) it was decided to open a full-time location.

In 1998 Master Bruce opened the first Australian full-time Choi Kwang-Do Academy on Bamford Lane in Townsville bringing an international standard in professional martial art instruction and training to the Townsville Community. The CHOI KWANG-DO Master Academies are always fully fitted with specialised floors, training areas and equipment to provide the very best in purpose designed facilities for the delivery of the highest levels of martial arts instruction.

This legacy in the highest levels of technical instruction and facility specialisation was continued when in 2004 the CKDMAc Academy moved from Bamford Lane to their own building on Riverway Drive, Thuringowa Central.   With 3 Dojahng floors, change rooms, shower room, instructors locker room, members equipment storage areas and parents viewing area.   Top quality martial arts sports flooring fitted to each Dojahng, the highest quality equipment including custom made shields and mitts designed for highly technical and practical use as well as maximum hygiene. Bag circuits, treadmill, exercise bike, light weights, and heavy punching bags specially selected for their practicality for children, ladies and men can be found at the Academy.

Choi Kwang Do has continued to expand throughout Townsville with a Master John Vonhoff opening a full-time location in Hermit Park, Charters Towers Rd and Chief Instructors and Black Belt family Mark & Kerrin Talbot operating Townsville North at Joanne St Deeragun.

Some of our Achievements


1993— August 10th Master Bruce Cairney opens Townsville's first Choi Kwang-Do ACADEMY for Adults at Muscle & Fitness Gym Hyde Park
1994— Townsville hosts Grandmaster Choi seminar

1995 -  March Choi Kwang Do for kids opens at Currajong Traffic Training Centre

1996 -  January master Bruce opens Choi Kwang Do classes for Adults and Children in Kirwan at the Kirwan State High school

1996 - June opened classes in Alligator Creek

1997 - November Master Bruce Opens the Doors to AUSTRALIA'S 1st FIRST FULLTIME CHOI KWANG DO Academy
1998— Master Bruce presides over the first official CKD class and opening of CKD in Cairns December
1999—Master Bruce held position as Chairman for Choi Kwang Do International
2000—Townsville hosts Grandmaster Choi seminar June 11, 2000
2000—CKDMAC Officially opened by 9th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi
2000—Quote from: Grandmaster Choi , June 2000 seminar Townsville - “This is the Highest Technical Standard I have seen worldwide”
2000—Grandmaster Choi announces Master Bruce a Pioneer of CKD
2000– Townsville Choi Kwang Do Master Academy to be the Australasian Regional Headquarters for Choi Kwang-Do
2000– Choi Kwang-Do Townsville, Australia’s No.1 Nationally Recognised EFC Black Belt m/art school, across all styles.
2000– Master Bruce held position as Chairman for Choi Kwang Do International
2001–Choi Kwang-Do Townsville, Australia’s No.1 Nationally Recognised EFC Black Belt m/art school, across all styles.
2001– Master Bruce held position as Chairman for Choi Kwang Do International
2001– Master Bruce brings martial arts movie star (and kids hero Power Ranger) 5th Dan Black Belt Jason David Frank to Townsville AKA "Tommy"
2002– Choi Kwang-Do Townsville, Australia’s No.1 Nationally Recognised EFC Black Belt m/art school, across all styles.
2002– Master Bruce held position as Chairman for Choi Kwang Do International
2002– Master Bruce receives 2 awards for ‘Excellence in martial arts’ & LEADERSHIP at the EFC international Martial Arts Conference Miami Florida USA
2003—Master Bruce, recipient of Australia Day Awards for leadership in the Martial Arts
2003—Choi Kwang-Do celebrates 10yrs in Townsville with concluding seminar of the Grandmaster Choi Oceania Tour
2003—Students /Instructors present Master Bruce a plaque for leadership commemorating the Townsville 10th Anniversary
2003—Grandmaster Choi declares Master Bruce the very honourable title of “The Father of CHOI KWANG DO in Australia”
2003—Master Bruce held position as Chairman for Choi Kwang Do International
2004—Master Bruce CAIRNEY CKDMAC receives RECOGNITION IN the Disability Awards FOR, ‘Award in Sport’ 2004.
2004—Master Bruce receives Award of the City “The Spirit of Thuringowa” presented by the Mayor the Honourable Les Tyrell
2004—Master Bruce held position as Chairman for Choi Kwang Do International
2005—Townsville hosts Grandmaster Choi Seminar and events CELEBRATING 10 YEARS IN TOWNSVILLE
2005—The NEW world class CHOI KWANG DO martial art facility is officially opened in Thuringowa Central by Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi 9th Degree Black Belt & Founder of CHOI KWANG DO Martial Art

2005– CKD International restructuring sees positions as Chairman for Choi Kwang Do International dissolved 1999 - 2005 and replaced by the CKD International Faculty
2005—Master Bruce becomes a member of Choi Kwang-Do International Faculty

2006 - AUTISM FRIENDLY PRACTICES AWARD received in recognition of our amazing Martial Arts Programs for Children and Adults alike

2007 - March CKDMAC Kirwan represent Australia at the CKDI 2Oth Anniversary Seminar Atlanta Georgia USA, Boosahbumnims John Hannon, Carrie Preite, Stephen Lewis, Karleena O'Shea, Kyosahnim Donna King, Mitchell Cairney, Daniel Cairney and Master Bruce Cairney

2008 - CKDMAC TeamCHOI Instructors Staff and Masters attend, participate and present workshops at National Conferences of EFCA,ZUMU, Martial Arts Professionals (MAIA USA)

2008 - Master Bruce tests for 5th Dan under Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi at the UK CKD 20th Anniversary seminars and events

2008 -  UK Seminar -  Scotland -  ARGENTINA SEMINAR   -  USA ATLANTA -  USA MICHIGAN  -  RUSSIA, SAINT PETERSBURG - NEW ZEALAND - MAYLASIA KUALA LUMPUR - AUSTRALIAN SEMINAR TOWNSVILLE.                                                        2010 -  GUEST SPEAKER AT THE AUSTRALIAN MARTIAL ARTS "SUPERSHOW" IN SYDNEY AUSTRALIA                                                                                                       2010 - KOREAN INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR                                                                   2012 - APRIL  CKDI 25TH ANNIVERSARY SEMINAR USA                                            2013 -  MAY UK CKD 25TH ANNIVERSARY                                                                    2013 - AUSTRALIAN 20TH ANNIVERSARY SEMINAR AND CONTESTS                      2014 - MASTER BRUCE GETS CHOI KWANG DO'S INCLUSION INTO THE NORTH QUEENSLAND GAMES ACCEPTED - "Australia's LARGEST REGIONAL GAMES"



2007—March – Team of CKDMAC Instructors attend the 20th Anniversary of Choi Kwang-Do International in the USA
2008-- Master Bruce commences a year of travel attending seminars conducted by Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi worldwide.
2008-- March - Attended the CKD UK 20th Anniversary, accompanied by head instructor Scott Major
2008-- May - Attended the CKD Argentina 15th Anniversary, accompanied by head instructors Carrie Preite, Karleena O'Shea, Assistant Instructor Darren Burton.
2008-- July-August - Attended the OceaniaTour , Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia.
2008-- September - Attended the CKD Russia 15th Anniversary accompanied by head instructor Carrie Preite
2008-- November - Master Bruce was sent to the United States to conduct school owner and instructor training courses for CKD school owners
2008-- November - Attended the Michigan Anniversary seminar and conducted specialised course for CKD school owners
2008-- between international travel Master Bruce travelled to train with Australian school owners in Sydney, Gladstone , Brisbane, Cairns and Darwin.
2008 - Master Bruce requested by Grand Master Choi and contracted to go to America to train instructors at headquarters, GeorgiaState and Michigan.
2010 – Master Bruce guest speaker and presenter at the Australian Martial Arts SUPERSHOW in Sydney, Australia..
2010 – Oct. Master Bruce and a team of members attended the 1st Korean International Choi Kwang-Do Seminar with two members achieving their Black Belt
2012 – April. Master Bruce and a team of members attend the 25th International Choi Kwang-Do Anniversary Seminar and 1st International Choi Kwang-Do Contest with two of our teenage members achieving their 3rd degree Black Belt

“The rising tide lifts all ships”



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