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    We did it again "ACTIVE ACTIVITIES 2017 Top 25  in Queensland #2 Most Popular in Townsville 2017

  Townsville's no.1

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 1./    Welcome to our newest staff members Ms Jaimee &   Ms Amy great to have you onboard      

2./  UK Choi Kwang Do International Seminar 2018

3. /   CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL PLACE GETTERS         **2016/17 CONTEST 3, **  **Monday 26th June to ** **Saturday** 1st July **                                                                                                        CKDMAC Internal Contest continuing in Feb :-  CONTEST 2:  27th Feb to 4th March

4. //    2017 NEW CKDMAC Adults martial art program is receiving lots of support, the Reflections Newsletter is full of great information for our Adult members "A martial arts programme specifically designed for the Adult members" Fun, Fitness, Self Defense,

  Live Stronger,

Live Better,

Live Longer !

 invest in your most important and valuable asset in 2017,


** Exciting new CKD Contests across all ranks, all ages

** Great social events planned for throughout the 2017 year

** "PARENTS AS COACHES!" special course for the mums and dads in the school for you and your child  - Parents keep your eye out and don't miss signing up for this one



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** The 1st ever International CKD Seminars Contests held in Australia! ....and international circuit came to Townsville Australia in 2013!


 4 cont.d /  CKDMAC Team - Results for 2015 World Titles Korea,  Sabuhmnim Carine Lefevre - World Champion Gold Medalist Patterns, Runner Up (Silver Medalist) Shield Attack, Runner Up (Silver Medalist) Speed Drills.  Sabuhnim Shane Jouchims - Runner Up (Silver Medalist) Patterns, Bronze Medalist Shield Attack, Bronze Medalist Speed Drills.   Kyosahnim "Shawn Whitehouse - achieved his 1st Degree Black Belt".   Congratulations to all and thanks go out to everyone who helped the team get there, Special Thanks to 'Dreamtime Training" for being a major sponsor for the team



** Train smart , train hard , be like energy , be your best  



 "The small things count!* -It is the "small" details that make a

"BIG" difference.

White Belt.... ability  Things like proper and correct stance, correct guard and stepping, try to see what else you could add to this list and then assess your White Belt Ability.

Pil Seung :)


 5 /* Great to have Kyosahnim Ray Luke training with us in September and October - we hope to keep seeing much more of you sir !

*Students still talk about Master Choi Hong Je (from South Korea), who trained and instructed at our school for the best part of a year completing his transfer from traditional martial arts to Choi Kwang Do.  We all wish you the very best everyday sir !


*********OTHER NEWS*********

 6.//     1- Attending the UK 25th CKD Anniversary - attending were Boosahbumnims Shane Jouchims, Carine Lefevre & Master Bruce Cairney.    2- Master Bruce Cairney,  Kyosahnims Helen O Sullivan, Carine Lefevre and Jaiden Marshall & Daniel Cairney attended the 25th Anniversary Seminar and 1st International CKD Competitions in Atlanta Georgia, where Jaiden & Dan sat their 3rd Degree Black Belts 3- Master Bruce, Sahbumnims Mitch Murtha, Leah Smith and Mitchell Cairney, Daniel Cairney, Edward O'Brien and Caitlyn O'Brien attended the first ever International Choi Kwang Do Seminar held in Korea, 4- Master Bruce travelled the world attending Grandmaster Kwang Choi's Seminars, participating and running training in places like England, Argentina, New Zealand, Malaysia, Russia, U.S.A., and various locations in Australia.  5- Master Bruce , Boosahbumnim Carrie Preite, Boosahbumnim Karleen Oshea, Kyosahnim Darren Burton attend International seminars and event in Buenos Aries and surrounds  Argentina South America  6-  Master Bruce went to America to teach and run courses for instructors and school owners in Georgia and Michigan States, USA and earlier in the year in London UK & Buenos Aires Argentina. 6-  Master Bruce, Ms Preite & Mr Burton represented CHOI KWANG-DO Australia at National Martial Arts conferences with ZUMU, Educational Funding Company EFCA & MAP MARTIAL ARTS PROFESSIONALS /MAIA-USA throughout Australia.    We went to learn, to compare & educate, mixing with some of the most respected martial artists within Australia and from overseas - ... we have even been asked to come back as speakers by both Zumu and EFCA - 7- Master Bruce Cairney presenter at Australian Martial Arts Supershow




“Seek not to walk in the footsteps of the Masters of old”,    but ...“seek what they sought”

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