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Master Academy
741 Riverway Drive
Thuringowa Central
Text: 0481749607   Ph: 47739794
E: info@choikwang-do.com.au


Our instructors are the best, they thoroughly enjoy the martial arts and are the most dedicated with specialised training sessions held every week where our instructors are continually updating their technical abilities, training methods and instructional techniques their thirst for self improvement is insatiable and the benefit are many. We have regularly brought Grandmaster Choi to Townsville and on each visit he runs specialised workshops for our Instructor Team giving them the highest technical insights available in the world direct from the founder of our martial art style and the highest rank in the world.

We are only as good as our Instructors and our instructors are the best! Their dedication and pursuit of excellence makes them stand out as great Role Models - we provide special instructional training sessions and instructor meetings each week which keep our instructors up to date and training at the highest levels with the most experienced and best martial art mentors Continuing to develop their own technical standards every week as well as their amazing instructional techniques and abilities.



Commencing his formal training in the Martial Arts at the beginning of  1983 in the Southern Highlands at a new branch of  the NSW Martial Arts Academy, an organisation established by  Master Geoff T Stubbs. He trained up to become on of the highest ranks at the school before he moved in 1985 to Perth to undertake training under Master Lam Sai Thow (a former student of Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi) at his Headquarters in Rivervale Perth until early 1988 Master Lam came to know him well as he frequented the fulltime facility very regularly doing double classes 2 times per week &  even dropping in regularly to train during the day between classes until his job as a photographer took him  travelling Australia wide. He continued  training in many various styles of martial arts as a guest or casual maintaining training up to 4 times per week and never less than 2 for almost 2 years until moving to the UK in late 1989 where he trained under the head of the UK CKD organization Master Roger Koo. Senior Master Bruce soon became the Chief Instructor and owner of CKD Croydon in London UK and was an official member of the board of examiners for the UK 1990 & 1991. Senior Master Bruce returned to Australia and commenced teaching Choi Kwang-Do in 1992 and officially opened a formal school again on August the 10th 1993 soon after being certified as Regional Director of CKD Senior Master Bruce, Chief has dedicated himself 100% to the martial arts since 1998 when he moved to a fulltime profession in the martial arts and opened Australia’s first fulltime Choi Kwang-Do Martial Art Academy in Townsville

Senior Master Bruce aims to give back to his students 10 fold in 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2008 and then working collectively  with the team of other CKD schools that have sprouted up under his tutelage many more times he bought Grandmaster Choi to Townsville to host seminars bringing the highest level of technical instruction available in the world to his students doorstep – ‘in pursuit of excellence’ and dedicated to bringing the best possible experience and quality instruction to his members and all students of Choi Kwang Do in Australia

Senior Master Bruce brought martial arts movie star and kids hero 5th Dan Kempo Black Belt Jason David Frank a.k.a. Power Ranger “TOMMY”  to Townsville for the motivation of the local junior martial arts students and the many Power Ranger Fans

Senior Master Bruce's dedication towards his own technical excellence has been recognised by his appointment to Chairman with Choi Kwang-Do International a position he held for 6 years running and was  accepted as a member of the Choi Kwang-Do International Facility Program since 2005
dedicated to bringing the best in martial arts instruction to Townsville

Senior Master Bruce’s pursuit of excellence in martial arts instruction and program development has been recognised by Chuck Norris and his CEO of Century Martial Arts Supplies bringing Senior Master Bruce as a VIP guest to their Head Office in Oklahoma City to share his how to on one of his martial art programs he developed. The Educational Funding Company run a cohesive group of professional martial artists and martial arts educational events for professionals  bestowed the accolade of Australia’s No.1 Nationally Recognised EFC Black Belt school, across all styles for 3 years running and  awards for ‘Excellence in the Martial Arts’ & 'Service to the Martial Arts' dedicated to bringing the best in martial arts instruction to Townsville

Master Bruce’s caring nature, commitment and support to the local community over the years has also been recognised being a recipient of  the Australia Day Awards for leadership in the  Martial Arts, Disability Awards, ‘Award in Sport’ and the “The Spirit of Thuringowa” award presented by Mayor Les Tyrell and be presented with a certificate of Appreciation by the Local Autism Society  dedicated to sharing the life long benefits of the martial art with the Townsville community

Senior Master Bruce has continued to educate himself by attending, assisting, demonstrating and participating in martial arts seminars and conferences all over the world. In Atlanta GA, Miami Florida, Nashville Tennessee  & Michigan USA, Halifax Nova Scotia & Vancouver Canada, London & Aberdeen Scotland UK, Auckland New Zealand, Buenos Aires & Mal Del Plata Argentina, Kuala Lumper Malaysia, St Petersburg Russia, Seoul South Korea many of these multiple visits with approximately 10 to the USA plus multiple various events throughout Australia. His pursuit of excellence resulted in him becoming a special guest at martial arts schools across the United States of America in California, Michigan, Fort Lauderdale, Oklahoma City and Atlanta Georgia.   One of the earliest members of Choi Kwang Do martial art International having commenced conversion training in the second half of 1987 under Master Lam Sai Thow. He has been or is a member Martial Arts Professionals (Aust.), the Martial Arts Industry Association (USA), the Educational Funding Company and Martial Arts Standards, these organisations also from time to time have had Senior Master Bruce as a speaker /presenter or as an authoritive source  and have used examples of  Master Bruce’s achievements and experience to help motivate and educate other martial arts school owners – in pursuit of excellence

Recognised within the martial arts community as a pioneer of the martial arts Master Bruce was most honoured when in 2000 Grandmaster Choi declared him the very honourable title of   “The Father of Choi Kwang Do in Australia”

“I want your adventure in the martial arts to be a good and memorable one, if you are in Townsville come see us first”,  call 47739794
The greatest experience, the best instruction possible and most precious.. better health, lifestyle, positive mental outlook and confidence.


Born March 2nd 1942 in Tae Gu City Korea. Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi  Korean National Champion began his formal study of martial arts at age 12 under the famous Master Instructor, Dong Ju Li until the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt. Driven by the need to survive in the war torn streets of South Korea and an innate desire for perfection.
After his tenure in the Korean Army where he was the Instructor for the 20th Infantry Battalion, Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi began his study of Tae Kwon-Do (Korean hand and foot fighting art) under its founder, General Choi Hong Hi. Through Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi’s talent and dedicated training, he was awarded the prestigious title of Chief Instructor under General Choi’s International Tae Kwon Do Federation before he was 25 years old.

In addition to teaching self-defence to the Korean Army and National Police, Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi was personally selected by General Choi to serve as an elite member of a group of experts chosen to spread Tae Kwon Do throughout the world now known as the original 7 Masters of TKD. Through his mission, Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi became one of Tae Kwon Do’s most prominent ambassadors and was directly responsible for its spread throughout Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and eventually, the United States.

Motivated by his continuing dedication to the advancement of the martial arts and his desire for self-improvement, Grandmaster Choi searched for ways to improve on techniques and teaching methods of his predecessors. It was during his first years in Hong Kong that Grandmaster Kwang Choi began consolidating his revolutionary martial arts theories and concepts.

For some time, Grandmaster Choi had felt that many of the traditional techniques were too stylised and rigid for practical self-defence. He discovered that many of these same techniques could actually harm the body and, over the long term, and is detrimental to one’s health and longevity. In fact, Grandmaster Choi had completely injured his body due to the lock out movements found in traditional martial art techniques, which forced him to move to North America in order to seek medical treatment. It was during his first years in Hong Kong that Grandmaster Choi created new techniques that would later form the initial foundation for Choi Kwang-Do.

Grandmaster Choi also witnessed too much importance being placed on sports competition with the winning of trophies taking precedence over the ideals of personal and human development. The instructor-student relationship, which is crucial to development of a student in the martial arts, was quickly fading into a coach /athlete relationship where the only goal was to win.

Based on these observations, coupled with years of research and practical experience, Grandmaster Choi pioneered one of the most revolutionary changes in recent martial arts history; the introduction of an entirely new martial arts form - Choi Kwang Do.

Named after its founder, Choi Kwang Do was officially introduced on March 2, 1987. Grandmaster Choi has since founded his own world organisation, Choi Kwang-Do Martial Art International, and spends his time teaching, training instructors and giving seminars at his many branches throughout the world. In addition to the CKD instructional series DVD's, the Audio terminology tutorial and the Choi Kwang Do Book “Optimum Health -Self Defence – Personal Development”, he is currently involved in producing videos and written literature from his headquarters in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Optimum Health – Self Defence – Personal Development

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