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Master Academy
741 Riverway Drive
Thuringowa Central
Text: 0481749607   Ph: 47739794
E: info@choikwang-do.com.au

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The practice in many martial arts damages the body, sometimes very quickly other times over the period of a few years. If you are one of those dedicated martial artists starting to notice the wear n tear on your body make the switch it could really make a profound differance to your life and lifestyle.  Choi  Kwang Do will not only add years onto your life, but also life onto your years! The system is designed to enhance health, prevent disease and stimulate positive changes in the body and brain.

What can new instructors expect?

Support of a large body of international school & academy owners who are great collection of diverse networkers, a working success formula for any martial art school or academy  owner. Coupled with a Grandmaster who is a technical genius and a martial art of the highest integrity. Practical, Effective, Sensible martial art designed for today's society.   School & Academy owners of Choi Kwang Do receive specialised support  through technical seminars from the Grandmaster himself, a series of manuals, a series of curriculum videos, special direct access to the International HQ and specialised business seminars.

Enjoy a longer lasting more rewarding martial arts career, with a style focussed on successful aging through ongoing physical exercise. Research and statistics  view aging in general as lifestyle related.  With a better lifestyle, better habits, the support of a progressive organisation with a focus on helping you achieve your your most happy and successful version of yourself and your desired level of success. You can enjoy a lifelong and fruitful martial arts career with Choi Kwang Do.

If you are honest and upstanding and have a desire to help others around you and are looking for a progressive supportive organisation give us a call on 61(0)7 47739794 and ask for Senior Master Bruce Cairney


It never hurts to find out for yourself?

"A Better Tomorrow Awaits You Today"
AWARD WINNING Black Belt Academies

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