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Master Academy
741 Riverway Drive,
Thuringowa Central
Text: 0481749607  Ph: 47739794
E: info@choikwang-do.com.au

Rewarding Adult Programs

We offer adult programs for all skill levels.  We encourage the participation of women and men of all ages, because everyone can benefit from being healthier and fitter and having a better outlook on life in general.   This and more can be achieved through the study of Choi Kwang Do Martial Arts, we emphasize the positive attributes of our students, help them to gain self esteem and achieve higher goals.  Our Black Belt instructors believe in following a high standard of values to bring out the good in our students and increase their overall quality of life. Regular attendance of our special Adult Programs will result in stress reduction and improved health

Ketha B
Age   58

Choi Kwang-Do is a great way to keep fit in a friendly atmosphere

Steve M,
Age 35

What I like best about Choi Kwang Do is the confidence it has given me, in the short period of time I have been training. I have found myself feeling better within my self and also with more energy. Even though I only started a couple of weeks ago and have enjoyed every lesson that I have attended. The Instructors do an outstanding job to make you feel welcome and each lesson enjoyable. You are treated as an equal whether you are a new member or have been training for many years.

Choi Kwang Do makes me feel better about myself and challenges me to become a stronger and better person both physically and mentally. The people I have met have been respectful and polite and all to willing to help and this is what makes it a great place to be.
I hope to be a member of the Academy for a long time to come.

Pil Seung

Kellie S. 
Age 27

I really like Choi Kwang-Do because it's an escape from the stressful word.

Sue B. 
Age  24

The aspect I appreciate most about Choi Kwang-Do is that is gives me a goal. I enjoy having something to aim for and with Choi Kwang-Do, whenever I reach a goal, another one is set for me.

I also like how it has improved my manners in all areas of my daily life and increased my self discipline. As well as this, it has helped me with my university studies.  It provides a reason to take a break from studies and it allows me to release my built up energy.

Toni W. 
A 38

Was when I met Grand Master Choi at seminar on Saturday 12th July, he help me believe that no matter what size or how old you are, that if you set goals they can be achieved.

Vicki G.
A  63

I enjoy being able to develop a depth of physical fitness and self confidence in such a friendly, helpful and meaningful environment.

Danny K.,
Age 39

The practicality and realism of Choi Kwang-Do improves overall fitness, flexibility, builds confidence, teamwork & leadership skills. 


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