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Martial Art Centre
741 Riverway Drive,
(Formally: 741 Ross River Rd)
Thuringowa Central

Ph: 47739794
E: info@choikwang-do.com.au


Special individual classes for ladies and girls only, in their own private Dojahng – incorporating not only the Choi Kwang-Do syllabus but also ongoing components from the CKD Award Winning Ladies Self Defence Courses.

When most people want to relieve tension they book a vacation. The problem is, relieving tension just once or twice a year is not enough. You need to release steam constantly; every week. That’s why our classes are so popular with men and women who want to relieve stress from their lives. Our workout burns off excess energy, built-up tension and promotes a sense of calm. Each class becomes a mini-vacation. You leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Better able to deal with your next day’s challenges.

Learn how to be in control of your mind, body and emotions with the intent, direction and skill to "take care of business". Never be a victim! Learn highly effective and powerful self-defence skills that will protect you & your family and friends.

Call or email us today about our classes on 47739794 



I really like Choi Kwang-Do because it has helped me gain self-esteem in my ability to try new things.  Choi helped me feel better about myself physically and mentally.  After 4 months of attending classes 2-3 times per week on average I have lost a total of 5 kilos and have had compliments from people about how different I look.

I also like Choi Kwang-Do for the people aspect, I have met so many people who now feel like old friends every time we see each other.  The Choi instructors always make the class worthwhile as they encourage me , along with allowing me to laugh and enjoy the session.

Kerri L.
Age 31

I really enjoy Choi Kwang- Do for many reasons for example my fitness has improved a great deal, my weight and shape is returning, and I know I have a long way to go to become a black belt, but that’s what I want.

So I’m prepared to put in a big effort to get to that black belt, 100% all the way.  I look forward to each class I attend with the meeting of new people and the mixing of new friends as well as learning all the Techniques which are taught through each lesson its great I’m happy.

Krystal S  
Age 28

I really like Choi Kwang-Do because through my training it has given me extra confidence and has boosted my self-esteem. The overall environment of the school is a very positive one, which makes me proud to be a member.


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