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Master Academy
741 Riverway Drive,
Thuringowa Central
Text: 0481749607  Ph: 47739794
E: info@choikwang-do.com.au

Positive Action Family Programs

Family Programs develop team spirit...  Our programs are designed to develop and strengthen  unity in a family.  When individuals work together as a team, their individual talents will naturally improve.  Our programs help to create a strong family bond by installing a life long loyalty.  The whole family can learn to live up to their full potential.

Jessica B
Age 10

I really like training with the rest of my family at Choi Kwang Do because it’s fun and it’s different from all the other sports. It has also given me confidence and strength. It also is a great way to get my fitness levels up. It also makes me feel good about my self. I am also learning to respect more of the things that my mum, dad and sister do. I also like Choi because it is a great way to meet people and make new friends

Steve M.
Age 35

Increased fitness level
Improved self discipline
Improved communication with others, especially at work.  "Thumbs Up"

Choi Kwang-Do is a great family sport, I can attend classes with my sons and we are training with people at all belt levels, which show how safe the sport is for junior members.


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